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Pioneer Green is a renewable energy development company active since 2009 in select markets across the United States. Prior to forming Pioneer Green, our team helped develop the successful renewable energy projects listed above. Each of these projects is now owned by leading energy companies and producing clean, domestic energy used in thousands of homes and businesses. We are now developing high-quality wind and solar projects in key electricity markets around the country. These projects will help meet the growing demand for clean, competitively priced electricity, reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources and cut our greenhouse gas emissions.

Right now we're focused on advancing our portfolio of more than 2,000 megawatts of projects through the full the key first stage of any renewable project — project development process.

That means we:
• Identify smart sites for new projects
• Acquire the project land rights
• Assess the renewable resource
• Secure grid interconnection rights
• Plan for transmission to end-users
• Conduct environmental studies
• Obtain local, state and federal permits
• Obtain a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or other arrangement for sale of power to end-users

Our project development work establishes a strong foundation for financeable, construction-ready
projects. When this initial work is done, the projects will be ready for finance and construction
with financial partners or through joint ventures with incumbent renewables companies.


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